Web development Package

for Free Pascal/Lazarus

Free Spider is an object oriented web development package for Free Pascal / Lazarus. It is similar to Delphi’s web broker /WebSnap technology.


  1. TSpiderCGI : Is used for CGI application
  2. TSpiderApache : Is used for Apache Module application
  3. TSpiderAction: Is used to receive requests and reply to different Paths
  4. TSpiderPage: Is used with external HTML templates and to link it to active contents
  5. TSpiderForm: It generates HTML form using OOP methods like SpiderForm1.AddInput(itText,, etc
  6. TSpiderTable: Is used to generate HTML table from dataset or manually using OOP method like: SpiderTable1.AddRow(‘Yellow’, [‘One’, ‘Two’, Three’]);


Trunk version (GitHub)

Download FreeSpider 1.3.3 (Adding ResponseCode, OnDrawRow for SpiderTable) (13-Apr-2013)


User Manuals

Downloaded Free Spider User’s manual (English)

Download Free Spider User’s Manual (Arabic)

Sample Web Applications

SpiderSample copy page.htm into /cgi-bin directory

News Simple news adding/browsing using FireBird database

Linux Window Display information about linux host

Diagram document

For Developers